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Valentine’s Day & Other HolidaysValentine Book

Well now that the Christmas book season is over, it’s time to move on to the other winter books and spring holidays. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so Best Holiday Books has the best Valentine’s Day books available for your reading pleasure. Our Valentines Day book selections include kids Valentine books, Valentine picture books, Valentines board books, Valentine books for adults, teen Valentine Day books, Valentine coloring books and even a Valentine book for people who don’t like Valentine’s day.

So visit our Valentine book web page and check out all the great Valentine’s Day books available.

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Halloween Book Reviews – Past, Present & Future

Present, Past & Future Halloween Book Reviews…book cover for A Halloween Carol

Just like the holiday spirits in A Halloween Carol and A Christmas Carol, book reviews come in three types: past present and future. Today we will look at the book reviews for the Halloween novel The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol. They all have one thing in common… they’re very positive. It is definitely the best Halloween book of 2017 as seen in the Goodreads booklist of the same name. But let’s take a look at the early reviews that started on the Halloween Carol Amazon website. Then check out the positive book review from MG Camacho on her popular book review blog. And finally, we can look forward to upcoming book reviews from both the Jill-Elizabeth book review website and the forthcoming Rave Reviews Radio author interview coming up on the Amie O’Brien “Behind the Pen” literary radio show on November 4, 2017.

Best Halloween Book Booklists

Let’s not forget all the great Halloween book book lists out there when searching for the best Halloween books for autumn reading pleasure. Here is a sampling of the best Halloween booklists for finding the perfect spooky book for those cool October evenings:

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New Halloween Book Evaluation

How is the New Halloween Book “The Legend of Decimus Croome” Doing?

In its first year of publication, the new Halloween novel The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol is book cover for The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carolgetting rave reviews by critics and fans alike. It is getting consistently high marks on Amazon, Goodreads and in school classrooms. It has gotten all favorable reviews on Amazon, high rankings on Goodreads book lists and wonderful support from elementary and middle school students. All of these book critiques are important and valuable for Kevin Purdy, the author of The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol.

The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol on Amazon

Sales of A Halloween Carol have been steady and robust both in bookstores and online. All of the Amazon customer reviews for the 2017 Halloween novel have been favorable giving it an overall 4.8 out of 5 favorability ranking with positive comments and very specific supporting details. Both book lovers and Halloween fans seem to be loving The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol and supporting their love with positive comments and ratings.

list of Halloween books for 2017

Halloween Reads for 2017

A Halloween Carol on Goodreads Booklists

As you probably already know, Goodreads and Listopia have merged their forces to create the most comprehensive and trusted source of book lists and book reviews online. Most serious literature fans look to Goodreads for honest, thorough and fair book reviews and for dependable book lists in which to find the best books in nearly all genres of literature. That is why it has been absolutely phenomenal to see the meteoric rise in popularity of a brand new Halloween novel on the holiday book scene. Take a look at some of the following lists to see how highly The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol has been rated among the superstars of Halloween literature:

Goodreads Book Lists on which A Halloween Carol is ranked #1

Goodreads Booklists on Which A Halloween Carol is ranked in the Top Ten

Students Are Loving The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol

Teachers have been reading The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol throughout this holiday season and are reporting wonderful results. The students are loving the book and asking teachers to keep reading even after the normal read-aloud time. The author is also making visits to elementary schools, middle schools and libraries where he is reading aloud to students, teachers and parents. Once again, the results are positive and uplifting. A Halloween Carol is a huge success among both the students and the adults. It’s a great novel for Halloween read-alouds and holiday reading activities including comparisons to other holiday and Halloween books such as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and A Christmas Carol. As teachers begin to realize the value of the book in their classrooms, they will begin making The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol a regular teaching/learning resource in their classrooms.

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Best Halloween Read Aloud Books

Halloween Read Aloud Traditionsix best holiday read aloud books

Halloween is a holiday that is filled with tradition. Just think about all the Halloween fun and it’s hard to imagine a better holiday season. In addition to all the Halloween events such as trick-or-treating, costume parties and home decorating, there’s also all of the autumn traditions such as raking leaves and fall foliage viewing. As if those wonderful autumn happenings weren’t enough, we’d like to add one more Halloween tradition to your list: Reading Halloween Books Aloud.

Why Halloween Read Alouds?

Halloween is the best time of year for reading aloud to your friends and loved ones. Whether reading to your children, grand children, nieces, nephews or family friends, autumn is the perfect time of year for reading books aloud to children of all ages. The air is growing chilly, the colorful leaves are falling to the ground and the good Halloween books are nearly limitless. Whether you are reading spooky Halloween books to teenagers, slightly spooky books to preteens or not-so-spooky books to younger children, you will all have fun reading your favorite Halloween stories and bonding over books.

What Are the Best Halloween Read Aloud Books?infographic of six halloween books for preteens

To help you find the best Halloween read-aloud books, BHB has compiled this list of book lists. It’s a book list of Halloween book lists and read-aloud book lists to help you find the very best Halloween books for reading aloud to children of all ages and literary tastes. It includes booklists by grade level and booklists by interest. Although the grade level booklists are not specific to Halloween, they do contain Halloween books in their top ten books thus making it easy to find the best Halloween books for people of all ages. So without further ado, here’s our Halloween read-aloud booklists from GoodReads and Listopia:

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Halloween Movies from Halloween Books

Good Halloween Movies from Halloween Books is a Rarity

Over the last three decades, Hollywood has produced many Halloween movies. Not all of these movies were trulyHorror movie poster good Halloween movies though. In fact, some of them were downright bad Halloween movies.

Horror Movies vs. Halloween Movies

First let’s separate horror movies from Halloween movies. Horror movies may or may not include Halloween themes and when they do, the Halloween theme is secondary to the blood, gore and violence. That is not a judgmental statement, just the way it is. A good Halloween movie should include a strong Halloween theme and should be appropriate for all ages. After all, Halloween is a holiday that is important to people of all ages and especially to preteens. One more important point: In general, most of the best movies of all times have been adapted from either books or comic books. Seldom are the yearly Halloween movies adopted from books. This may explain why many of the current Halloween movies are not very memorable.the night circus book cover

What Halloween Books Would Make Good Halloween Movies?

So who’s to blame for the lack of good, universal Halloween movies? We can’t put all the blame on Hollywood producers and directors. Part of the problem is a lack of good Halloween books. First, we have to eliminate all the books that are mostly horror or mostly picture books for small children. Those would not make good Halloween movies for all ages. What’s left? Unlike Christmas, when we see at least a couple really good Christmas books and Christmas movies produced each year, Halloween seems to lack an abundance of either Halloween books or Halloween movies. You would fill up many pages of paper if you were to list classic Christmas movies or television specials. The same can’t be said for Halloween movies or television specials. And people’s lists would vary greatly.

Halloween Movies From Books Suggestions

Dear Movie Producers… here are some suggestions for potentially good Halloween movies from Halloween cover for A Halloween Carol We have looked through various sources including Halloween book lists such as:

Any of the Halloween books from the top ten or even top fifteen books from these lists would most likely make incredible Halloween movies. Of course, a few of them have already been made into Halloween movies, so that would narrow the field down a bit. What is left would probably produce an amazing top ten list of Halloween books that would make blockbuster Halloween movies. And that would be good for Halloween movie producers, Halloween movie directors and Halloween movie watchers. In other words, it would be a winning combination for all Halloween movie fans and Halloween book fans.

Future Halloween Movies

What can you do to ensure that movie producers start turning good Halloween books into good Halloween movies? You can start by writing to your favorite movie moguls, movie producers and movie directors and requesting that they start looking at some of the best Halloween books as fodder for future Halloween movies.You can also go the petition route. For example, you could sign an online petition for making a Halloween book into a Halloween movie on the iPetition website. It’s very quick and easy to sign the petition and, of course, costs absolutely nothing. While you’re on the iPetitions website, you could also sign a petition for turning “A Halloween Carol” into a Halloween graphic novel. Because those of us who love Halloween can never get enough Halloween books, Halloween graphic novels and Halloween movies.


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Best Halloween Books for Kids & Teens

Best Young Adult Halloween Books (YA)infographic of six halloween books for preteens

If you’re looking for Halloween books, no problem. There are plenty of picture books for young children and horror books for older teens and adults. But what about kids who are in the 4th through 7th grade range? They love Halloween too… maybe more than anyone else. This is when kids are in their prime for trick-or-treating, Halloween parties and reading Halloween books… if there were good Halloween books for them to read. The good news: there are some excellent Halloween books for them. The bad news; It’s really difficult to find good Halloween books for preteens and young adults. Except now that you’ve found this Halloween book blog-post, the problem is solved. Here’s the solution for finding the best Halloween books for kids, young adults, preteens, fourth graders, fifth graders & sixth graders.

Halloween Booklists for Older Kids

Goodreads is a great source for finding the best Halloween books for all ages. It is a particularly good place to find Halloween books for older kids and younger teens. Some of the following booklists are particularly for Halloween; others are for particular grade levels. But even on the grade level book lists, you can find at least one Halloween book in the top ten books. Without further ado, here are the best booklists for finding kids’ Halloween books:

Information About Halloween Books for Preteens & Kids

If you are looking for information about specific Halloween books as well as an option to purchase kids’ Halloween books, here’s another Halloween book resource for you. It contains specific Halloween books that are suitable for preteens, elementary students and middle school students. It also contains links to Halloween books that you can order immediately. These include good Halloween read-aloud books as well as books of varying spookiness and silliness to meet the needs of Halloween readers of all ages and interests.

Where to Look for Halloween Books for Elementary & Middle School Kids

Finally, here are some more resources for finding the best Halloween books for older children. Some of these resources are Halloween book blog-posts and some are from Halloween book boards on Pinterest:


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Best Halloween Gifts

Halloween Gifts in ADDITION to Trick-or-Treatingtrick or treat happy jack-o-lantern

We all hand out Halloween treats to young trick-or-treaters. Or at least we all should pass out trick-or-treat gifts. But since Halloween is one of the two Seasons of Giving, you might also want to consider giving Halloween gifts this time of year. Whether you send a Halloween gift basket to a friend or a Halloween care package to grandchildren, it’s a wonderful gesture to promote good will and cherished memories. Halloween gift-giving is already a tradition in some families, but too many people only think of Halloween night as the time to provide treats to costumed revelers. The following suggestions will provide you with fodder for unique Halloween gifts. Some of the suggestions do indeed include the ubiquitous Halloween sweet treats. But you’ll also find more utilitarian gift suggestions including some educational Halloween gifts as well as suggestions for where to get the Halloween gifts.

Halloween Books Make the Best Halloween Gifts

What could be more cherished, healthy, educational and enduring than the gift of a Halloween book? It provides a great opportunity for Halloween fun and memorable Halloween read-alouds. And Halloween books make great gifts for readers of all ages. Check out this list of Halloween book suggestions that include links for more information about the Halloween books and where to buy Halloween books:halloween logo with spider

Halloween Gift Baskets

Halloween gift baskets make excellent Halloween gifts. And you can include anything you’d like in a Halloween gift basket from penny candy to brand new Halloween books. You can take into account the personal tastes of your Halloween gift recipient and create a personalized Halloween gift basket that suits their specific wants and needs. You can include everything from toys for kids to scintillating lingerie for adults. Since this website specializes in holiday books and this particular blog post is about Halloween gifts, here are some great Halloween book lists for you to peruse to find the perfect Halloween books for your Halloween friend, relative or lover. You’re guaranteed to find just the right Halloween book gift for Halloween readers of all ages and tastes in these Goodreads Halloween booklists:halloween gift basket with book


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Best Halloween Ghost Stories

Best Halloween Ghost Books and Stories

ghost from A Halloween Carol

Ghost Quote

Halloween is famous for witches, vampires, zombies, jack-o-lanterns, monsters, black cats and haunted houses. But the most iconic Halloween symbol and subject has got to be ghosts. Just check out Halloween books and movies and you’ll discover good ghosts, bad ghosts, scary ghosts, friendly ghosts and comical ghosts. Let’s face it; we love ghosts. Something about those paranormal phantasms just seems to connect with our love for a good story and a great scare. So today’s Best Holiday Books blog is all about where you can get your hands on great ghost books for Halloween. We’ll share ghost book lists, ghost Pinterest boards, ghost book suggestions and even our favorite ghost book for Halloween 2017. Tis the season for ghost books and ghost movies, so check out our ghost book recommendations and ghost book reviews.

Best Ghost Books for All Agessanta claus zombie

We’ll start our ghost book blog page with ghost book recommendations and where to buy ghost books. Here is the link for a web page with ghost book recommendations. The recommended books are ghost books for all ages. These books include children’s ghost books, adult ghost books and teen ghost books with scary ghost books and less scary ghost books. In other words, they are the best ghost books for just about all Halloween tastes.

Best Ghost Book Lists

Listopia and Goodreads are book websites with lots of great booklists including ghost booklists. Here are some of our favorite ghost book lists from Goodreads:

Best Ghost Book of 2017

As you peruse the ghost book lists from above, you may notice certain Halloween books that seem to be extremely popular reading choices. In fact, you may notice one book that appears near the top of each Halloween book list. The most popular Halloween book of 2017 seems to be The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol. It is the classic Halloween tale of a crotchety Halloween grinch who is visited by four Halloween ghosts one All Hallows Eve. From these Halloween spirits, he learns the true meaning of Halloween. As you have probably already guessed, it is based on Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol but has a very different setting (Halloween instead of Christmas), characters and events. So if you’re looking for a good Halloween book for October reading fun, make sure to buy a copy of The Legend of Decimus Croome today and enjoy it in front of a warm fireplace with a hot drink of cocoa, apple cider or spiced wine.

Halloween Ghosts on Pinterest

A great place to find ghost quotes and ghost pictures is on Pinterest. Once you’re on the Pinterest website, type ‘ghosts’ into the search bar and you’ll find thousands of great ghost pins. Or visit this Pinterest ghosts board to get started on your Pinterest ghost search.

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Best Halloween Book Lists for 2017

2017 Halloween Books List

Best new halloween books of 2017 screen shot from

Best New Halloween Books

It’s time to update our Best Halloween Books List for 2017. You’ll notice some new books on the Halloween booklist as well as plenty of the classic vintage Halloween books that have been Halloween favorite books for decades. The following book lists include a diverse range of Halloween books including new Halloween books for 2017, not-so-scary Halloween books, Halloween ghost books, spooky Halloween books, Halloween books that would make good Halloween movies, Halloween books for kids, Halloween books for adults and Halloween books for different grade levels. Most of these lists contain hundreds of books and have been compiled over many years, so you can generally figure that the top 10 to 20 books are the absolute best Halloween books available. You’ll probably find some Halloween books you’ve already read and a few that are new to you. By all means, you should consider stocking up on your Halloween library from some of the books offered in the following Halloween themed book lists:

Best Halloween Book Lists for 2017 From Goodreads & Listopia

list of Halloween books for 2017

Halloween Reads for 2017




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Best Trick or Treat Quotes from Pinterest

Best Trick-or-Treating Quotes From Pinterest

Halloween trick or treaters in costume

From Halloween Quotes on Pinterest

Visit the big box stores, and you’ll notice the holiday season is in full swing. Since it’s October, we love to see all the Halloween decorations, Halloween costumes & Halloween candy. Despite our abiding love for Christmas, we think it’s a bit early for Christmas decorations, but what the heck… we’ll focus on Halloween for today’s Best Holiday Books blog post.

Favorite Trick-or-Treat Quotes

Take a look at some of the Pinterest Trick-or-Treater quotes with links back to Pinterest Halloween quote pages. Feel free to visit the Pinterest links provided to find even more great Halloween quotes, trick-or-treat quotes & Halloween book quotes. You’ll notice that it’s very hard to find really good Halloween book quotes, so all the ones on this page are from The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol.

picture of spooky graveyard with Halloween book quote

from Book Quotes on Pinterest

trick or treaters on Halloween

from Trick-or-Treat on Pinterest

teen girl in halloween witch costume

from Best Holiday Books on Pinterest


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