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Halloween Movies from Halloween Books

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Good Halloween Movies from Halloween Books is a Rarity

Over the last three decades, Hollywood has produced many Halloween movies. Not all of these movies were trulyHorror movie poster good Halloween movies though. In fact, some of them were downright bad Halloween movies.

Horror Movies vs. Halloween Movies

First let’s separate horror movies from Halloween movies. Horror movies may or may not include Halloween themes and when they do, the Halloween theme is secondary to the blood, gore and violence. That is not a judgmental statement, just the way it is. A good Halloween movie should include a strong Halloween theme and should be appropriate for all ages. After all, Halloween is a holiday that is important to people of all ages and especially to preteens. One more important point: In general, most of the best movies of all times have been adapted from either books or comic books. Seldom are the yearly Halloween movies adopted from books. This may explain why many of the current Halloween movies are not very memorable.the night circus book cover

What Halloween Books Would Make Good Halloween Movies?

So who’s to blame for the lack of good, universal Halloween movies? We can’t put all the blame on Hollywood producers and directors. Part of the problem is a lack of good Halloween books. First, we have to eliminate all the books that are mostly horror or mostly picture books for small children. Those would not make good Halloween movies for all ages. What’s left? Unlike Christmas, when we see at least a couple really good Christmas books and Christmas movies produced each year, Halloween seems to lack an abundance of either Halloween books or Halloween movies. You would fill up many pages of paper if you were to list classic Christmas movies or television specials. The same can’t be said for Halloween movies or television specials. And people’s lists would vary greatly.

Halloween Movies From Books Suggestions

Dear Movie Producers… here are some suggestions for potentially good Halloween movies from Halloween books.book cover for A Halloween Carol We have looked through various sources including Halloween book lists such as:

Any of the Halloween books from the top ten or even top fifteen books from these lists would most likely make incredible Halloween movies. Of course, a few of them have already been made into Halloween movies, so that would narrow the field down a bit. What is left would probably produce an amazing top ten list of Halloween books that would make blockbuster Halloween movies. And that would be good for Halloween movie producers, Halloween movie directors and Halloween movie watchers. In other words, it would be a winning combination for all Halloween movie fans and Halloween book fans.

Future Halloween Movies

What can you do to ensure that movie producers start turning good Halloween books into good Halloween movies? You can start by writing to your favorite movie moguls, movie producers and movie directors and requesting that they start looking at some of the best Halloween books as fodder for future Halloween movies.You can also go the petition route. For example, you could sign an online petition for making a Halloween book into a Halloween movie on the iPetition website. It’s very quick and easy to sign the petition and, of course, costs absolutely nothing. While you’re on the iPetitions website, you could also sign a petition for turning “A Halloween Carol” into a Halloween graphic novel. Because those of us who love Halloween can never get enough Halloween books, Halloween graphic novels and Halloween movies.


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